April 29, 2009

treasure hunt

more like bead hunting.... it was dark and dirty, but I have never seen so many beautiful beads. From Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Congo and all in one tiny room. I spent hours trying to make up my mind on what to buy. 
Not only beads but chairs, masks, traditional Nigerian beaded baskets and chairs, blankets, lamps. 
But I was there to buy beads!!! Will go back next week to buy some more.
Cannot tell you the name of the place because there is no name. A man greeted me and my friend at the front door and guided us through stairs and doors... it is a place in downtown Nairobi.

photos are not so great this time. Had to take them with phone as I did not know where I was going and did not take the camera with me. Next time!

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  1. Do you remember at all where this shop was downtown? I'll be in Nairobi in December. I was in Ghana in March. Talk about some amazing beads! I can't get back there so I will do a bit of shopping in Kenya instead. If you can remember anything significant about the whereabouts of this shop let me know. Thanks! :) hannahsterling@live.com


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