April 2, 2009

significant people

My daughter Daniela is in 3rd. grade and last quarter they studied significant people and their impact in history.
She was asked to choose a significant person and in that process we went through various places, times and nationalities... she chose to study someone from Costa Rica but didn't really know who. Among the list of names, she decided to study Franklin Chang Diaz our famous astronaut. I told her that I went to school with Mr. Chang's brother and she was very excited to hear that I also had the chance to briefly meet him.
Today on the student led conferences we were able to see all the work she put in to her research and artwork about Mr. Chang. It is absolutely adorable.

This is Mr. Chang in his astronaut outfit. 

This is Mr. Chang among other famous people like Mother Teresa, Alfred Nobel, Galileo, Thomas Edison, Anne Frank and others. All the kids did a great job!

In art class they made a papier mache puppet. There is more detail on this one... even the medals made out of colored buttons. The Costarrican flag and the flag from the United States. The helmet is made out of a recycled plastic bottle.

I liked the puppets so much that I wanted to share this one of more famous people. Vincent Van Gogh in this one has a bandage with blood around his head, and Nelson Mandela's hair is turning gray...

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  1. Such a creative child! I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree


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