April 14, 2009

rustic crayons

A visit to the market in Cochabamba is always a pleasure to me. I believe that what you can't find there, does not exist at all. It is the largest open air market in South America and it is very organized and clean. 
It stretches over a 15 block area in the southern part of the downtown area. Because of the agricultural importance of the region of Cochabamba, the Cancha is also the central market for all of Bolivia. Trucks travel from all regions of Bolivia to buy fruits and vegetables that will be sold to all the "ferias" (market days) in each city of Bolivia.
During my last visit I found these rustic crayons that come in bundles of twelve. I brought some to Nairobi and have only one left... They are a wonderful gift!


  1. Thanks for popping into visit my blog. It is great to see yours.
    Those pencils are absolutely delightful!

  2. Thank you for visiting mine!!! Aren't they great? they come in small and large size. My kids love them. They think they are painting with Shrek's pencils.


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