April 15, 2009

the feel of handmade jewelry

Julieta Odio produces innovative handcrafted jewelry at her studio in San Jose, Costa Rica. She is one of those people oozing with creativity from every pore and expresses it in so many different ways through her wonderful pieces. 
I had the chance to take a few classes with her before moving to Kenya and was always amazed by her studio and detail of her work. It was a pleasure to witness and something to be inspired by.
Julieta attended the Alchimia and Perseo schools in Italy where she mastered the art of jewelry making. 

This bracelet is a combination of florentine paper, resin and white-silver metal. First time I saw it, it reminded me immediately about the Murano glass candy you can buy on the streets of Venice.

Created in 925 silver from a real starfish mold. 

This "ticklish" ring is a mix of turquoise feathers, resin and silver.

I love this one!!!!! It is called "Collar para el Coleccionista" and is made out of miniature glass bottles, plastic bottle caps and dark metal chain.

This amazing necklace is called "Pelea de Gallos" and is all 925 silver.

It takes a deft hand to understand how to work all these textures and materials into complex yet beautiful and comprehensive forms that flatter the body. Inspirational? Absolutely!!

Julieta can be contacted at julietaodio@hotmail.com

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