April 3, 2009

cushions, cushions

For years I've been buying yarn just because I like the texture and color but not for any project in particular. I've filled boxes and boxes with yarn. Now that I work in a different time zone from my workshop that is located in Bolivia, I have more time in the mornings to do stuff I just enjoy... and knitting is one of me favorite crafts.
I made this knitted cushions with crochet "bubbles" a few months ago with some Debbie Bliss cotton yarn. The "bubbles" are pima cotton made with a fine crochet hook. I struggled to fill them with fiberfill because the hole was too small.

Made extra cushions to give as gifts to some of my friends who were having babies last year.

I made the patchwork cushions inspired by the ones my friend Lotta made for my shop in La Paz, Bolivia a few years ago. We used to sell them in pairs in different sizes and colors. Lotta is a true artist, now living in Stockholm.

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